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Radio Commercials That Produce Results

Radio has for generations, been a mainstay of the advertising world. And, despite the seemingly endless array of promotional options, radio commercials still deliver results for advertisers of all types.

For local direct advertisers, spots are typically produced by the radio station that will be airing the commercial. It’s a standard offering in radio. The advertiser agrees to an advertising schedule and, in turn, the station cranks out a commercial. Sometimes the advertiser writes the copy, other times the station does, but virtually all the time, local spots sound, well, local. Worse, local radio commercials tend to all sound alike, since the voices and music beds are produced by the same people.

Use iPutty to Make Your Radio Commercials Stand Out

You pay a lot for a radio spot these days. 60 seconds of air in the Reno market can range from the twenties to over 100 dollars, depending on the station, time of day, etc. There is a reason that major companies spend millions of dollars to produce a single commercial. Simply put, average commercials deliver average results. Of course, you don’t need to spend millions to get a decent radio spot, just don’t let the radio station do it.

iPutty produces radio commercials with impact, that reinforce your corporate image. You shouldn’t cringe every time your commercial airs. Your commercial should get your phone ringing, or people into your door, or whatever your desired result happens to be.

Radio Commercial Production with Extremely Short Lead Times

In extreme cases, we have managed to produce high quality commercials with extremely short production deadlines. This usually happens when national brand manufacturers wait until the last possible minute to clue in their franchisees about upcoming promotions, or when an airtime rate drops at the last minute in order for radio stations to move unsold inventory. Whatever the reason, should your business find that it suddenly requires radio commercial production in record time, give us a call, we’ll work a miracle for you.

Sample Radio Commercials

To the left are examples of two radio commercials produced by iPutty. Both were produced entirely in house, including copy writing, effects and the music bed. Unlike most production houses, all dry reads are divided into audio slices (samples) that can be largely reassembled into new commercials as necessary.

This technique takes significantly more effort to produce, however, the result is drastically improved control over timing. The finished product also offers better synchronization with the bed as well as fewer takes to attain a perfect result.

Radio Commercial Samples

Medical Center (1.1 MB): The client for this commercial wanted a fresh approach in contrast to the usual touchy-feely, soft-voiced medical radio spot. The goal was to reach a younger demographic that is more likely to need treatment for an injury than an illness. The approach we took was to avoid simply saying “if you’re injured, come see us” in favor of telling a story to make that point.

Winkel (1.1 MB): This is your basic hard-sell, car sales advertisement. We do a lot of commercials for this company. This one had a production deadline of one hour, which doesn’t allow for the degree of production finesse we’d like. Still, it’s a two voice spot with effects and a bed, produced in 59 minutes.

Business Development

Business Development Consultant

Business Development

iPutty is about business. Your business. Let’s face it, if you own a small business, you are probably putting in countless hours doing everything from handling clients, keeping the books, managing employees, dealing with computers, you name it. Because if you own your business, you do whatever it takes to make your enterprise a success.

At iPutty, we get it. But we also have been doing this long enough to know that, while we try, we can’t be experts at everything, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.

Be a Market Leader

There is no doubt that to get to the top of any field requires hard work. But, sometimes hard work is not enough. Developing your business requires resources. Not just capital, but experts. Experts who can position your company to get noticed and to make sure that your potential customers understand what you do.

Business Efficiency

Be sure your business operates as efficiently as possible. We’re all in business to turn a profit. Maximizing profitability means having the right number of employees doing the right things. It means keeping the optimum level of inventory and using technology whenever possible to improve business processes.

We have experience in a wide range of industries, from clinical medicine and diagnostic imaging, to small box retail and enterprise level eCommerce businesses. That experience, coupled with a deep understanding of how business works has put us in a position to help countless businesses like yours grow.

Search Engine Marketing

Reno Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Firm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects to consider when developing your business’ website. Part art, part science, search engine optimization, or SEO is the practice of optimizing a website’s content and source code so that it will rank well on Google, Yahoo! and other search engines. One of the most widely misunderstood aspects of website development and promotion, SEO is often viewed as some mystic and incomprehensible procedure that will magically propel your company’s website into top rankings.

The importance of website optimization can’t be denied. Obviously, if your website can’t be found by your potential customers there’s really little point in going through the effort and expense that it takes develop and maintain it. Volumes have been written on the subject of search engines and how gain those elusive top positions within the rankings. Still, few business owners and managers have a firm grasp of what it takes to get there. In fact, even very few web designers are familiar with the methods by which to ensure a steady climb to the top.

The Problem with SEO Firms

First, it is important to be aware that there are scores of “SEOs” out there, who simply make a few adjustments to a site’s meta tags and load its copy up with keywords. In the early days, while search engines were a fledgling industry, a site could achieve high rankings this way, but that standard is over a decade old and not only won’t work, but in extreme cases can get your site removed from the search engines altogether. There is an entire Internet subculture of unscrupulous individuals who put enormous effort into trying to fool search engines into ranking sites well that really don’t offer the visitor anything of value, or worse, promote the infinite variety of scams that exist on the world wide web today.

Without getting into so called black hat methods, there are a few things to watch out for when selecting a professional to handle your search engine ranking strategies. Topping the list is guaranteed results. Don’t believe it when an SEO firm tells you that they will guarantee that your site will achieve top rankings. It is one thing for a firm to offer your money back if it is unable to reach your goals for your site, but this is generally not the nature of such promises. The reality is that search engines adjust their ranking standards continuously. So too do competitors tweak their sites to remain on top. In short, there are a lot of factors that lead a website into those top positions-none of which can be guaranteed.

Search Engine Submission is another sure sign that an SEO is either in the dark about current practices or is simply full of it. These days, if a URL (Domain Name) is valid, search engines will find it. Next time you see a claim for submission to “thousands of search engines,” see how many you can name. Even if there are thousands of search engines, virtually all web searches are made using Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL, none of which require submission.

Even the legitimate practice of search engine optimization needs to be carefully examined. The standard practice
in SEO circles is to charge monthly fees, usually thousands of dollars per month, to optimize specific pages for selected key-phrases and to monitor their position in the rankings. The service usually includes some kind of “back linking” campaign as well. Many of these firms produce fantastic results, but for smaller companies, the cost can be overwhelming.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization one element in the broader area of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes, among SEO, paid inclusion or pay-per-click campaigns, like Google Ad-Words. Such Internet marketing campaigns often employ blogs, affiliate programs and other methods to build links and further promote traffic to the site.

Paid inclusion plans differ from SEO in that the latter is focussed on the “natural” or “organic” results search engines provide for a given keyword search. The advantage of high, organic or natural rankings is that they tend to be more permanent. Paid links disappear once the campaign has run its course.

Conversion Rate: The Real Measure

Ultimately, the real measure of an Internet marketing plan’s success is in conversions. Any time the visitor performs the desired action of making a purchase, filling out a form, etc., it is considered a conversion. In other words, the visitor was “converted” to a customer. Monitoring your site’s conversion rate is critical. The site owner must know the value of conversions and divide that into the cost of the campaign to determine his or her return on investment (RIO). This is especially true for campaigns utilizing paid inclusion tactics.

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