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It is a little recognized fact that the majority of the time, visitors to your website that find it using search engines will land on a page other than the home page. This means that every page on your web site must support your website goals. You can’t rely on your home page to act as a hub to all of the other areas in your website, because the majority of visitors will never know that they are there. Functional web design rules should dictate everything you put on your site.

Your website needs to be professional and serve your business’ purpose. Pages should load quickly and be easy to read. Most importantly, your website should supply your customers with the information they want. Web design; at least, web design elements that don’t support your business goals, are a way distant second… or third… or, better, have no place on your website at all.

This is not to say that your website should be uninteresting or ugly. There are plenty of those out there. The key is to strike a balance between what you think your customers want to see, and what they really want to see. In other words, give them what they care about. Rely on sound, time-tested design elements like balance, color, clarity and nice (but, fast loading) images that relate to your business.

Simple Website Designs are Often the Most Effective

With this in mind, it should be considered that those flashy, design marvels that we may or may not love to look at often fail to deliver the result we’re hoping for. Think about your own behavior on the web. How often do you actually sit through those stylish animations on a company’s splash page? Do you watch them? Or, do you click “skip intro” most of the time?

The point is most people are busy. And, most people surf the web at work, so waiting for a cartoon to stop playing before the boss walks in really doesn’t help to make the sale. Not that exciting and glitzy web technologies don’t have their place, because they do. But, providing people with the information they need to make a decision about a purchase should be your primary web design goal.

Web Design Philosophy

Search Engines Rule

Search engines come first. iPutty specializes in designing great looking websites that will be seen.

Website Navigation

Visitors to your site must find what they are looking for if they are to become customers. Don’t make youwebsite so “hip” that people can’t tell what you do.

Easy Web Content Updates

Keeping your website fresh is key to encouraging frequent visits. iPutty offers timely updates for most website changes. Even better, we can empower you with a logical content management system (CMS) that makes it possible for you to add pages, update website content, etc.

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Search Engine Friendly Web Design

It’s not enough to have a great looking website. iPutty focuses on making sure that your website will be seen. Whenever possible, search engine visibility should be part of the web design process, not something to consider once the site is live. In fact, it is our feeling that design elements should work around search engine issues, not the opposite. Most website designers take a dim view of that idea, because in their opinion, it means creating sites with considerably less design freedom.

Focus on Conversions

Focussing on your conversion rate means that everything you present on your website is centered on the website’s purpose. If the idea is to encourage visitors to visit a certain page, that should be the focus. If you are selling something, concentrate on that, and eliminate any elements that will distract the visitor from that goal; especially if the distraction will take a long time to load.

Reno Web Design

Reno, like many other cities, has more than its share of web designers. iPutty is different than other Reno Web Designers. Our focus is on your business’ bottom line. Since iPutty is a web design & SEO firm, search engine optimization is an integral part of the design process, not something to invest in once the design work is complete. What could be more cost-effective than that? Call today. (775) 324-1644

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