A Good SEO Company?

What is a Good SEO Company?

The Truth About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important, yet misunderstood aspects of website marketing. In essence, the concept of SEO is simple. By providing the most relevant website or web page for a given search term (keyword), search engines will reward that website with top rankings in the SERP, short for search engine results page.

So far, that’s no great secret, but knowing how search engines choose is a big challenge. Scores of search engine optimizers (SEO’s) stand at the ready–eager to sort it out and magically propel your website to the top. But, is there even such thing as a good SEO company?

The answer is yes, but SEO, as a practice, is increasingly hard to define. Google dominates search, which means Google makes the rules. Unfortunately, Google provides only scant clues what the rules even are. “Content is king,” is the mantra, but there are thousands of “signals” that content alone can’t touch. Some of those signals are very technical, involving additions to the website’s underlying code, or even changes to website host servers.

SEO used to be something a business owner could “do” by learning a digestible set of best practices. That’s really not true anymore. If you are serious about search engine rankings–and you should be–you’re pretty much stuck hiring an SEO firm.

There are thousands of SEOs ready to take your money. The challenge for business owners is to get to the top of the SERP (search engine results page) without being taken to the cleaners. The truth is most SEO companies are badly behind the times.

The Problem with SEO Firms

This will sound harsh, but any idiot with a computer can call himself an “SEO” or “Search Engine Marketer.” There is no grand council of SEO to decide who is or isn’t allowed to claim the title and trade dollars for rankings. Not that regulation is a solution, but know there are abundant practices in use by some pretty big SEO firms that are outdated, unethical, don’t work, and can actually do your website harm. And, many of these can result in the site’s removal from search engines altogether.

Without getting into link exchanges, paid directory submissions and all the other stuff that SEOs practice (often with the full knowledge that they are ineffective), the entire practice of SEO as a business model runs in contrast to the goals of business owners. The pursuit of rankings, which are determined by computers, is completely different than doing actual business with people.

Search Engine Rankings is Not ROI

Business owners expect a return on their investments. SEO firms charge big bucks promising search engine rankings. Rankings are meaningless unless the search term is a good match to searchers looking for just the product or service your business provides. Even then, the search needs to result in a click, and eventual conversion.

(Most) SEOs Lack Understanding of General Business

SEO is marketing. Business owners view SEO in the same light as other promotional opportunities. They know that their websites must be seen to be effective, yet lack the background and knowledge to know what steps to take to achieve that result. SEOs, by extension, rarely have any understanding of their client’s industry, and therefore rely on the client for all of the information necessary to reach his or her clients. In short, SEO means pushing selected keywords and key phrases to the top. Nothing else.

The SEO might see results for the selected keywords, and gets paid whether anyone buys anything or not. It is our belief that SEOs should be able to assist in ensuring the success of the campaign (RIO), not just pushing keywords up the ladder.

iPutty is Different from Other SEO Firms

First, iPutty does not require monthly contracts. That is not to say that a business should expect instant results. Depending on how competitive the keywords, the time it takes to achieve top search engine rankings can vary from weeks to many months, sometimes more. The truth is, once that result has been achieved, maintaining that position is usually a whole lot less time consuming than getting there in the first place. What SEOs won’t tell you is that most of the heavy lifting is done in the first few months. After that, the site owner pays simply because of the contract.

Yes, There IS a Good SEO Company Out There

iPutty. Honest search engine results without the high cost and mystery of a typical SEO. And, we can help your business grow in other ways too. Give us a call to learn how we will get your business the exposure it deserves for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay. iPutty, Search Engine Marketing the way business owners like it to be. 775.324.1644