Business Development

Business Development Consultant

Business Development

iPutty is about business. Your business. Let’s face it, if you own a small business, you are probably putting in countless hours doing everything from handling clients, keeping the books, managing employees, dealing with computers, you name it. Because if you own your business, you do whatever it takes to make your enterprise a success.

At iPutty, we get it. But we also have been doing this long enough to know that, while we try, we can’t be experts at everything, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.

Be a Market Leader

There is no doubt that to get to the top of any field requires hard work. But, sometimes hard work is not enough. Developing your business requires resources. Not just capital, but experts. Experts who can position your company to get noticed and to make sure that your potential customers understand what you do.

Business Efficiency

Be sure your business operates as efficiently as possible. We’re all in business to turn a profit. Maximizing profitability means having the right number of employees doing the right things. It means keeping the optimum level of inventory and using technology whenever possible to improve business processes.

We have experience in a wide range of industries, from clinical medicine and diagnostic imaging, to small box retail and enterprise level eCommerce businesses. That experience, coupled with a deep understanding of how business works has put us in a position to help countless businesses like yours grow.