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First, we’re not a pressure agency. You won’t get a sales pitch and we’ll answer all your questions honestly and openly.

OCG Creative
6100 Plumas Street
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Reno, NV 89519

Office: (775) 324-1644

If you’d rather email, please reach out to Jill Rutherford. She’s a partner and VP. She loves to meet new people and chat about marketing (and just about anything else). Her email address is

If you fill out the form to the right, chances are it will be Jill who calls you back–usually within an hour.

Just the right marketing agency

Not too big or too small. Our team is made up of about twenty web designers, Internet marketing strategists, programmers and specialists in SEO, copywriting, email marketing social media and photography & videography. It’s the perfect size team in the perfect size agency.

Large scale agencies often have a cost basis that makes it difficult to work with smaller clients. Often, the answer is to work with a very small agency or freelance designer. These rarely (or never) have the bandwidth or broad enough expertise to function effectively in our complex digital landscape.

We do business all over the world with companies just like yours. We’re big enough to have experts in all the critical areas, yet small enough to fit your budget. Let’s talk!