Doing Business Online

Much More Than Your Website

You can’t really do business anymore without being thoroughly accessible online. That means, wherever and whenever your customers happen to be when inspiration strikes, your business needs to be right there with them. The present state of marketing is less about having a website than it is about being omnipresent when people think about what you do.

You don’t get to choose how you compete. Consumer behavior and your competitors have already decided that for you.

The best way to be omnipresent is to think small. Think pocket size. Think mobile, because the average person searches Google dozens of times per day–by cell phone.

The average person also spends a lot of time on social media, checking email, texting, taking pictures and SHOPPING. Promotional opportunities are everywhere. And each one is sophisticated and specialized. Taken one channel at a time, online advertising seems cheap, but it can add up in a hurry. And any advertising that doesn’t work is expensive.

There’s always organic search. Often touted as “free,” organic search is what Google used to be all about–back when Google had competitors. Click here to learn about search engine marketing.

Doing Business Online

Consumer expectations are fairly well  known. For example, about 60% of online searches are mobile. In food and beverage, it’s 72%. So, your website needs to provide a great experience for smart phone users. According to some studies, 74% of purchasing decisions are based on recommendations from social media. If that weren’t enough, a recent survey indicates 93% of respondents are significantly influenced by online reviews.

Your killer website design is absolutely critical, but so is a thriving social media presence, top search engine rankings and stellar online reviews. If a web viewer doesn’t like what she sees, she’ll swipe you right off her screen.

We don’t want that to happen. Our job is to attract web users to your business by making sure you are present wherever and whenever there’s interest or a need. Desktop, iPhone, Facebook, email, other people’s websites, online search…. It shouldn’t matter. You should not only be visible, but looking your best. That’s our thing, so running your business can be your thing. Teamwork.