Email Marketing

The most effective marketing tool

As the name suggests, email marketing is a digital marketing channel that sends your marketing messages directly to your customer’s inbox. It’s used to increase brand awareness, drive conversions (A.K.A. what you want your customers to do) and, most importantly, build community and develop brand loyalty.

What’s more, according to the Data & Marketing Association, email marketing still reigns as the most effective direct marketing channel. In 2020, email marketing generated an average return on investment of $42.50 for every $1.00 spent. In addition to garnering the best ROI, most consumers rank email marketing as the No. 1 channel they want to receive communication from businesses on.

So, whether you’re trying to pivot your business during a global pandemic or you want to optimize your customer experience, email marketing is the most powerful way to send the right message to the right person at the right time.  

No one-size-fits-all 

Your audience is unique to your business. That being said, email marketing is more than just catchy subject lines and discount code offers. We do the work to focus your email marketing on each user’s experience throughout your buyer’s journey. Our number one priority is to break through the noise to build meaningful relationships with your customers that last. 


Once a customer has entrusted you with their email address, we make sure to never abuse that trust. Flooding your audience’s inbox with emails that don’t provide value will cause them to lose interest or unsubscribe entirely. 

Our solution is to build a strong list of email addresses that you have permission to contact. We start by importing known contacts who have opted-in to receive email communications from you, then focus on bringing in new subscribers while keeping your list accurate and up-to-date. 


We also make sure to pay special attention to customer behavior and insights—such as geolocation, past purchases, customer status, third-party data and more—to make your user experience as relevant as possible.

Next, we segment your emails, or in layman’s terms, we divide your contact list into smaller lists to target users by demographic. This ensures that you’re sending people the messages that they want to see most.

For example, we know that a customer who receives a strong welcome segment is much more likely to become familiar with your brand, which increases your chances of converting them.


We design email marketing campaigns around key elements that support user goals and provide value to your customers. The right imagery, heading choices, intuitive navigation, layout and, of course, useful, well-written content contribute to the customer experience.

Personalization takes things to the next level by incorporating things such as the subscriber’s first name, interests, time-zone, targeted messaging, and/or behavior-triggers based on how customers interact with your brand.

The bottom line

With an email marketing strategy aligned with your goals and good practice, our team can help you understand what motivates your customers to take action.

Tracking metrics (i.e.: opens, click-through rates, read times, unsubscribe rates, etc.) will give us insight into how your email marketing campaigns are performing. Based on that data, we’ll know what to change in order to increase your email marketing ROI and achieve your marketing objectives.

And we won’t stop there. As with all things digital marketing, tech and trends move fast. Knowing this, we will perform routine tests to make sure that all of your email marketing not only stays optimized (i.e.: no broken links, fast loading times, social share links, responsive to different devices, etc.), but ahead of the curve too. When all is said and done, we want to make it as easy as possible to drive your customers to click through from your email campaigns and convert.