Reno Copy Writing

Reno Copy Writing

Copy Writing is Different Depending on the Promotional Medium

In other words, the copy you write for a television advertisement is probably not going to be effective on the web. Likewise for radio, brochures, outdoor advertising (billboards), newspapers, etc. In order to write copy the achieves your promotional goals, it is critical to understand the dynamics, strengths and limitations of the medium you’re writing for.

Copy Writing for the Internet

Writing for the world wide web is different than writing for other types of media. This is primarily because search engines use web page copy as a primary means of determining the relevance of a given website to the search phrase a visitor is looking for. This is why the phrasing on some websites is different than a company might use on its brochures or in advertisements. Writing for the Internet is a very specialized form of copy writing. iPutty writes copy to maximize your potential of achieving top search engine rankings, and at the same time, effectively promotes your business.

Do it Yourself Copy Writing

Often, business owners and managers write their own promotional material. The line is, “hey, I’m a pretty good writer, I’ll write it myself.” That’s fine if it happens to be true AND the writer has a firm grasp of the type of copy that is effective for a given promotional channel. If you’re not sure, you might be better off hiring a Reno copy writing pro like iPutty a few times to help you gain insight as to what works.