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Digital Photography & Imaging

High resolution digital photographs are a mainstay of magazine, architectural, product and web design projects. I specialize in commercial photography for print media, web and broadcast applications. Like everything iPutty does, my focus is on fast turnaround of extremely high quality media.

Digital Photo Editing

I can also edit your photos to ensure that they are the highest quality possible, and formatted for your specific application. For example, it is very common for real estate professionals to take a digital camera to home sites. Although the captured images don’t always look their best right out of the camera, it is frequently possible to modify those images to rival the pros.

To ensure that the photographs you take will be the best possible quality, always use the highest resolution setting available. Also, use the camera’s flash even when you don’t think you’ll need it. Even outside, the flash will help eliminate harsh shadows on your subject. If you’re not sure, simply take two or more pictures using different settings. Often, I can layer multiple photos using the best attributes of each.

If you’d like email me one of your images. I will edit it and return to you the edited file, or give you pointers about how to improve future photographs. FREE.