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Radio Commercials That Produce Results

Radio has for generations, been a mainstay of the advertising world. And, despite the seemingly endless array of promotional options, radio commercials still deliver results for advertisers of all types.

For local direct advertisers, spots are typically produced by the radio station that will be airing the commercial. It’s a standard offering in radio. The advertiser agrees to an advertising schedule and, in turn, the station cranks out a commercial. Sometimes the advertiser writes the copy, other times the station does, but virtually all the time, local spots sound, well, local. Worse, local radio commercials tend to all sound alike, since the voices and music beds are produced by the same people.

Use iPutty to Make Your Radio Commercials Stand Out

You pay a lot for a radio spot these days. 60 seconds of air in the Reno market can range from the twenties to over 100 dollars, depending on the station, time of day, etc. There is a reason that major companies spend millions of dollars to produce a single commercial. Simply put, average commercials deliver average results. Of course, you don’t need to spend millions to get a decent radio spot, just don’t let the radio station do it.

iPutty produces radio commercials with impact, that reinforce your corporate image. You shouldn’t cringe every time your commercial airs. Your commercial should get your phone ringing, or people into your door, or whatever your desired result happens to be.

Radio Commercial Production with Extremely Short Lead Times

In extreme cases, we have managed to produce high quality commercials with extremely short production deadlines. This usually happens when national brand manufacturers wait until the last possible minute to clue in their franchisees about upcoming promotions, or when an airtime rate drops at the last minute in order for radio stations to move unsold inventory. Whatever the reason, should your business find that it suddenly requires radio commercial production in record time, give us a call, we’ll work a miracle for you.

Sample Radio Commercials

To the left are examples of two radio commercials produced by iPutty. Both were produced entirely in house, including copy writing, effects and the music bed. Unlike most production houses, all dry reads are divided into audio slices (samples) that can be largely reassembled into new commercials as necessary.

This technique takes significantly more effort to produce, however, the result is drastically improved control over timing. The finished product also offers better synchronization with the bed as well as fewer takes to attain a perfect result.

Radio Commercial Samples

Medical Center (1.1 MB): The client for this commercial wanted a fresh approach in contrast to the usual touchy-feely, soft-voiced medical radio spot. The goal was to reach a younger demographic that is more likely to need treatment for an injury than an illness. The approach we took was to avoid simply saying “if you’re injured, come see us” in favor of telling a story to make that point.

Winkel (1.1 MB): This is your basic hard-sell, car sales advertisement. We do a lot of commercials for this company. This one had a production deadline of one hour, which doesn’t allow for the degree of production finesse we’d like. Still, it’s a two voice spot with effects and a bed, produced in 59 minutes.