Jessica Parikh

My Role at OCG Creative

As an Internet Marketing Field Strategist, I am responsible for analyzing my clients’ current marketing strategy and coming up with solutions to help increase traffic, lead generation, etc. We do this by having weekly client analysis meetings! In these meetings, we take a deep dive into a couple of our clients as a team and develop new initiatives to help meet our clients’ goals.

The Field Strategist position is an expert in all aspects of digital marketing, but we specialize in maintaining and continuing to build those client relationships. We meet with our clients on a weekly, or monthly basis to discuss objectives and opportunities.

On a daily basis, I am digging into our data analysis tools (SEMrush, Google Analytics, heat mapping, etc.) to identify opportunities and present a plan. We act as liaisons between the customer and our internal team, making sure that we meet deadlines and produce the best quality work.

Why I Got Started in Digital Marketing

There are a couple of reasons why I got into digital marketing. The first is the opportunity to meet people from a wide range of industries and learning more about the “why” behind their business. Second, digital marketing is about constantly changing and adapting to fit the needs of your clients. You are always learning and staying on top of the latest trends in the industry!

Most Rewarding Part of Working at OCG Creative

The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships that I have built over the last 3 years with both my clients and my coworkers. I am so thankful for their love, support, and dedication!

My Goal for OCG

Over the past 3 years, I have had the pleasure of watching our company acquire clients from all over the U.S., as well as a few international clients. A goal that I have for OCG is to continue seeing that growth and expand our client base around the world!

The “next big thing” in the Online Marketing Industry

Something that we stress the importance of to all of our clients is Google My Business. The first place that users typically go when looking for a business is to Google to see how many reviews they have and to look at the photos of their establishment and their work. Majority of the time, this is a deciding factor in whether or not they choose your business. We have been conducting more research about Google My Business posts and have even started posting on a few of clients accounts. These are going to be HUGE in the coming months. They are a great way to post updates about your business, link to blog posts or other important content on your website and are a great way to increase user engagement.

Things I Like Outside of Work

Outside of work I enjoy doing the following:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Traveling
  • Trying out new coffee shops (Please send recommendations!)
  • Spending time with my friends and family
  • Hiking
  • Going to music festivals (OutsideLands and Bottlerock Napa are my favorite!)
  • Painting
  • Working on my Fashion blog!

My Favorite Type of Client

My favorite type of client is one that is really engaged and passionate about growing their business! A collaborative relationship is the key to success!