Juliette Rose

Designer & Web Developer

I do design.

My role at OCG Creative is to create and visually communicate your concepts for your company and help craft a memorable identity for your brand. I develop the overall layout for websites, brochures, signs, advertisements, business cards, reports and much more. You name it, I’ll design it! No matter the task, I make sure it looks good while achieving your company’s objectives. My goal with every project is to captivate and inform consumers with hope to convey a message in an aesthetically pleasing and effective matter.

I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to my designs, I have always believed that less is more. I have a versatile design style and I pride myself in creating bold yet simple designs. I love working with color and type especially– choosing the right font for my designs is what I enjoy most! Many people don’t realize how important and empowering a good font truly is. A font does more than just convey words. The shapes within the letters can affect multiple senses and extract emotions before you even read the word. Subconsciously, a great font can tell you exactly how to feel, where to go or even what to buy.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing my designs come to life. Being able to see the finished product out in the real world, capturing an audience is amazing to me. I also love being able to actually hold my design as a business card or flyer and going through a live website too.

I love working with clients who know what they want, but can also keep an open mind for creative, out of the box- possibilities. But I’m not picky, and would love to work with anyone who allows me to design for them. I am diverse and adaptable for anything that comes my way. I love a challenge!

From Dancer to Designer

Before I started my profession as a designer, I was passionate for the art of dance. I invested 16 years of my life to it, learning all the styles from ballet to jazz, to hip hop and tap. The discipline of a dancer and foundations of dance, such as strict alignments, shapes, rhythm, balance and movement is something I have carried on into my own graphic design style. I make sure my professional work reflects that of a dance, where all the elements flow together across a page cohesively.

Aside from dancing and designing, there isn’t much more to me. I love to travel the world and experience new cultures. I love food and I love to cook. I love to go hiking and I love being outdoors. I love gardening and I love all my plants. But most importantly, I love my miniature dachshund the most.