Television Commercial Production

Television Commercial Production

Reno, NV – TV Production House

iPutty specializes in low-cost, fast turnaround TV commercial production. Television is no longer the exclusive domain of major companies. Cable and satellite service now accounts for a huge segment of broadcast viewer-ship and, with scores of channels, prices can be shockingly low. However, with TV producing a commercial is significantly more involved, so unlike radio, production is generally not included in the purchase of an airtime buy.

Consequently, advertisers must consider these costs when making the decision to use television to advertise. Still, cable and satellite can be incredibly cost effective compared to other promotional outlets. Consider that a drive time radio commercial on a popular station can cost over $100 for 30 seconds and that a small news paper ad can cost three times that or more. With that in mind, and considering that targeted cable airtime can cost as little as a few dollars, a grand or so for production really doesn’t amount to much in the broad scope of an entire campaign.

Pinpoint Your Customer with Cable & Satellite Television Ads

Cable and Satellite television advertising can be an incredible deal. Depending on what you sell, there is a channel to excite every interest, giving you the opportunity to target a viewer that is much more likely to take an interest in your product or service. An example might be a local gourmet food store reaching its customer by placing ads on one of the scores of cooking shows that now proliferate the airwaves.

With iPutty handling your television commercial production, your business can air a spot that stands out from those produced at the station for about the same cost. More importantly, iPutty can produce for you, a significant coordinated campaign that includes all of your media for vastly improved brand reinforcement and a longer lasting image among your would-be customers.