What We Do For You

We do all the things you would expect of a digital marketing agency; Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Print Design, etc. We also do a lot of work with CRM and ERP systems, which is unique for a marketing company. But, simply listing services isn’t very helpful for making important decisions like choosing a marketing agency. Besides, people don’t work with lists. People work with people.

We exist to help you reach as many new customers as possible and build stronger relationships with the ones you already have.

Our goal is to function as your in-house marketing department. We will agree on goals and set key milestones as a team. We look to you to provide an understanding of your market and to guide us as we identify market segments and position your products or services. You can rely on us to determine the best marketing mix, messaging and communication strategy.

It’s hard to convey just how strong our team is. From an engineering standpoint, not one agency in 10,000 has the capabilities we have. They’ll tell you they do, but they don’t. OCG’s leadership team has been developing web applications longer than Google, and played a pioneering role in many of the web technologies in common use today.

We’ve worked hard to build a culture around curiosity, learning, growing and doing the right things. We don’t just “do” the things on our web services list. We leverage marketing tools to achieve the outcomes and goals you have set for your business.